Sunday, June 27, 2010

Preview: My very first portraiture photo shoot

Hey y'all! I needed a place to quickly post these samples for my anxious subjects. :-) We had so much fun doing this shoot... as a little shout out for my small photography business, if you need family, individual, engagement, senior, (etc) pictures, I'm your girl. Shoot me an email and we'll get things rollin'! :-)

Without further adieu.... My little sister Jessica, and her beautiful friends. Here's to friendship!


Aunt Tiff said...

You do a great job! Photography is the best! I was afraid I would eventually get sick of it, but not once has it gotten old!!

thesorensen2 said...

Seriously you have a nack for the photography thing :) You should do family pics for me and Ry when we come out there for Christmas :)

The Sorensens said...

Dana they look awesome! I also love your logo. We've got to do some family pics when Mark gets a little bigger. Perhaps at one of these weddings.